First let me congratulate you on your engagement.  This totally ranks up there as one of the most exciting times in your life.  Maybe even the best to date!  I remember one of my favorite past times in the first week (ohh who am i kidding, month) after being engaged was sending sparkles all around the car when the sun hit my ring just so.  It was like my own personal sparkle machine of happiness.   

As your wedding photographer I will capture all the big moments you expect, but also all of those those in between.  I will meet you prior to the wedding, normally at least two times to learn about your own sparkle machines of happiness.  The nuance is where i live.  Perhaps it's the look of your Parents as you recite your vows, or the details in your bouquet honoring your great grandmother and of course, the looks you & your husband will inevitably exchange on the dance floor while bustin a move.  Every wedding is unique and special.  

In general - clients of JLA Photos spend $3000-$5000 on a portrait session prior to the wedding, wedding coverage, a book of proofs and fine artwork to be given as gifts and of course something special for their home.  

Please feel free to email me so we can set up a coffee date to discuss specifics.  



Check out this amazing wedding down in Key West, FL!  

For me, many pictures are often more than just a pretty image.  They capture a moment. A feeling.  A mood.  

While this wedding was well attended by many gushing friends and family, there were some key people that were dearly missed.  As you scroll through the images, keep an eye out for the ceremony image with the sail boat in the background. Just as the bride had walked down the aisle and the entire party was doe eyed 'not crying'....this beautiful boat sailed by.  It gave us all a moment to pause and gather ourselves.  But just then the band aboard started playing a jazz'ed up wedding march as they sailed by...It was magical.  A gift from beyond.  Everyone cheered and remembered the love and happiness that abound.  And smiled ear to ear for the wonderful brides as they united for life.  

Ceremony & Reception: Ocean Key Resort.

"There are no words to express how much it meant to us that you were such a huge part of your wedding!  Thank you for helping us create and capture such amazing memories.  We love you!"