Be it your first or your fifth ~weddings kinda rock.  An opportunity to bring all those you love, and love you to one space.  To laugh, drink and be merry.  And then to top it off with a bit of romance.  Ahhhhh enchanting!!!  

As your wedding photographer I will capture all the big moments you expect, but also all of those those in between.  See, nuance is where i live.  It's my favorite part of weddings.  Perhaps it's the look of your parents as you recite your vows, or the details in your bouquet honoring your maternal lineage. It might be a stolen glance at your partner or perhaps that split second when your face tells us everything your heart feels.  

As such, my clients typically have a private elopement, destination weddings or an intimate affairs.  It seems the the 3 B's follow me wherever I go: Barns, Beaches & Backyards.  I've even had a few sail boats thrown in!  It's just my personal style and speed these days.  

In general - clients of JLA Photos spend $1500-$3000 on a portrait session pre-or post wedding,  4 hours of wedding coverage, a box of proofs, USB with hi-resolution files and a few selections of fine artwork to be given as gifts or something special for your home.   

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These two had such an amazing destination wedding in Key West, FL.  While this wedding was well attended by many gushing friends and family, there were some key people in both brides lives that were dearly missed.  It started off quite somber.  Everyone was determined to be happy on this day ~ to celebrate love and not mourn loss.  But that is sometimes easier said than done and as the bride had walked down the aisle, everyone was doe eyed 'not crying'.  Then this beautiful boat sailed by.  Given the bit of noise it kicked up, there was a brief moment to pause and gather oneself for this truly joyous occasion.  It seemed at the exact moment everyone exhaled, the band aboard started playing a jazz'ed up wedding march as they sailed by!  The whole wedding erupted in cheers.  It was truly a gift from beyond. With one bride vitally hugged by the universe the evening continued raucously and everyone reveled in the amazing love and happiness that abound.  

Ceremony & Reception: Ocean Key Resort.

"There are no words to express how much it meant to us that you were such a huge part of your wedding!  Thank you for helping us create and capture such amazing memories.  We love you!"