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So we ALL say we're booking these boudoir sessions for our partners, and who doesn't love a sultry gift.  But in the 10+ years that I've been shooting boudoir images, I've come to realize this so much more about us, than them.  Saying "YES! I am worth it" - is such a journey of self acceptance and love. And it is hard.  I feel you.  For some of us it is a really loooong road.  I can't tell you how many times I hear 'someday, once i....' and insert your own self deprecating statement there.  These sessions are for you.  Maybe you don't quite feel like you're worth a full session yet.  Maybe you are really scared still.  Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.  

These sessions are short.  Easy.  Relatively inexpensive.  Require no special wardrobe.  

And I promise you - you'll walk away a little taller.  A little more self confident.  And a little more in love with who you are today.  

Please note - in order to officially book your mini session, you need to complete both steps

  1. Schedule the specific date & time that works for you

  2. Add your selection to the cart & proceed through checkout process.

And of course -- feel free to CALL ME to do the same or with any questions & special requests you may have!  (202)378-7298

Intimates: Mini Session

This purchase is for:

  • 20 minutes natural light shooting

  • 5 image gallery, uploaded within 24hrs of your session

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