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Do you believe that EVERYTHING done is better done outside?  I love dappled light flowing through the trees, I enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin, with a breeze blowing through your hair, I love that you can close you eyes and just be for a moment.   

Any yet, I don't think you need to be constantly clad in north face to enjoy the experience.  I too enjoy feeling like a goddess and want you to as well!  So when we talk wardrobe, know that I'm going to encourage flirty, fun and fluid dresses even if we decide to take a walk through long grasses.  You'll also have the opportunity to really pamper yourself with professional hair and makeup artists to help your portraits really POP.  


Though grounded in a type 'a' personality,  Jenn is an artistic spirit who enjoys playing around with a good many things.   She is a dichotomy of personalities and finds life in all that is new, complex and seasonal. 

After working for 10+ years as a Statistical Analyst & Project Manager for various consulting companies and government agencies, Jenn made the decision to follow her heart after the birth of her second child.   She dreamt of a photography business that would fulfill her every need financially, spiritually and emotionally, but had sorta forgotten she was also required to be a full time mum.  And chef.  And cleaning service.  And personal assistant (to herself)  And, and, and....let's just say the transition from working mom to stay-at-home status is still a work in progress.  

During this time when few things remained constant, Jenn searched through the weeds to find her true self.  It's hard to take one's passion and make a living from it without turning that same passion into just another j-o-b.  To be successful most business coaches agree that you must find your passion, and dig your heels in the sand.  Unfortunately, I've learned that this is not something that works for me.   I can not be the photographer I dream of, if I just do maternity photography...or family portraits  Heck, I can't even be the mama I want to be, if I am just a mama.  Like my garden that needs sun, water, warmth and many nutrients to thrive...I am made of many parts that need to be fed.  

This is is my space for portrait work.  Here you'll find stylized and dreamy shoots.  This is my space for how I dream of being nature, with light, and yes my hair, makeup and wardrobe on point.  Hee.  If you're looking for something more casual (lifestyle), graphic design or fiber art - please check out what's over at Enchanted Poppy.   


Contact (202) 378-7298