This year I’d like nothing more than to photojournalisticly capture a caricature of your family.

WH&A?!? (you say?)

So sure, i’ll get some photos that are good for your parents, but my real goal is to capture YOU.  Gone are the days of matching outfits and me saying “cheese”.  Instead I want you wearing your favorite cocktail dress baking cookies with your tutu clad toddler in frog boots while your husband (in THAT shirt) snatches yet another bite of dough.  Or perhaps you’re family is best shown in tee’s and jeans with nekky kids running into the garden to grab beans and herbs for dinner.  Does he always have that guitar in his hands?? ~ then it WILL be in the photo.  Rock-a-billy or classic.  I want to capture you.

And of course in true JLA Photos style, mom will be treated to on location hair & makeup styling.  This session also includes in-person consultation as well as day-of styling.  For practical purposes, "family" is defined as up to two adults and their children.  

Digital Family Pricing

"Cause we are living in a digital world, and i am a dig-i-tal girl" 

So here's the deal.  As a photographer, I don't want to give you a USB of photos that will forever be stuck in a drawer.  You lovingly prepared for the day, planned and purchased special outfits, we discussed the pro's and con's of various locations and planned a time everyone would be their happiest.  We worked hard as a team to arrive on time, not rushed but HAPPY.  After the shoot I worked for a few hours hand editing every image I presented to you.  It seems a shame to leave all that hard work forgotten and shoved inside a forgotten drawer.  

But as a mama - i know there's only so much wall space in a home.  And let's face it - I need these memories forever.  Maybe I don't have the place to display them right now - but someday I will.  And someday I'm going to want to remember these moments that were captured.  All of em.  Even the ridiculous face my husband made that he would never allow me to print.  It's fun.  It's him.   And i want to remember it.  But let me do it in my own time, OK?!?  So let me introduce…

"The Compromise"


Family Portraits

$1300 for all images presented in gallery

$900 for 10 images

$600 for 6 images

Session fee $250

All photos selected will be printed in a 4x4 format, mounted and presented in a custom wooden photo box. 




Child Mini Sessions

So lets say you JUST had a family session but want to capture a mini milestone for your sweetie all by themselves? Or perhaps you need something for a special event - say holiday cards or valentines day gifts for Grandma...

Mini sessions are 20minute for one child 3 months - 12 years old.   These are specifically held M-F 10am - 1pm.

$200 for 5 digital images.

Additional prints, artwork and canvases are also available to you at NORMAL costs.  Nope - no photographer prices anymore.  Since you already own the printing rights it is my goal to now provide you with artwork printed by professionals that only professionals can purchase.  Yes, it is going to cost more than the big box stores, but you did just have a custom portrait session….you deserve at least that much, don't you???