Thank you so much for your interest in hiring JLA Photos for your commercial and advertisement needs.  Below I have outlined my current rates and general understandings.  That said - longer term contracts are subject to grouped pricing and all bids will be entertained.    I am excited to pursue new ventures and especially interested in creative shoots with a team of professionals coming together to create something unique and amazing! 

These prices are for online publications as well as print materials with runs less than 50,000 over the course of 6months.  For a larger use contract please contact me directly with specifications.  

Consultations & Conception Meetings

  • Initial consultation - Gratis 

  • 1st consultation post contract signing - Gratis 

  • Additional consultation & conception meetings (via phone / Skype) - $35/hr (billed hourly) 

  • Additional consultation & conception meeting (in person) - $55 (minimum 2hrs - billed hourly)

Photo Shoot (includes time & talent of Jenn Alcantara) 

  • $450 half day  
  • $800 full day 

File Rate (raw) 

  • $150 per (minimum 3) 
  • $50 per hour   (for artistic retouching - this includes but is not limited to anything above a clean edit.  i.e. graphic backgrounds, graphic design on file, and high level photoshop editing) 

Please note that these rates do not include

  • Venue 

  • Models
  • Catering