What started as a no-brainer for me since i am both a doula and a photographer, in recent years has become quite popular. I’ll admit many folks hear birth photographer and say ‘ewe what?!’ But please, hear me out.

There are a handful of days or rather…moments- that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Moments that no matter the circumstance are treasured in the mind’s eye. Weddings are a big one, the birth of a child, hitting 6 figures, obtaining that illustrious degree, the list goes on and on and is as individualized as each of us.

However, when you are bringing a child into this world; ideally, your mind will be elsewhere. Your body has more important things to do than remember the tee shirt your husband is wearing. You most likely won’t have the opportunity to notice the light steaming onto your belly through the window as your husband gently gives you a congratulatory kiss after a serious contraction. You won’t see his legs tremble as you push your child into this world. And in the commotion of the day, he may not remember how many times you took his breath away with your strength and determination.

But I will.

As a photographer, doula, homebirther and mother of two I live for these moments. To photo journalistically document a day (or night) that is so rich with emotion is a photographer’s dream.

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