I think its high time that we, as a culture of women put much more value into ourselves.  It's time to give yourself one big ol' hug and say I am worth it.  When you look back through your family photos... do you even exist? 

Jenn is trying something new and drastically different.  She is cutting the cost of her shoot to the bare bones cost.  Ok, technically less than bare bones.  Yes, folks the cost for the shoot is technically a financial loss for me.  Who? What? Why?  

Well fact of the matter is - many of us just don't feel that we are WORTH a $1700 experience.  Sure, our weddings cost a lot, but that is OUR wedding! Our kids get shoes before we do - because ... they are our kids.  And the list goes on and on. And somewhere at the end of all the must haves - is you.   Add on extra pounds from having kids, tired eyes from endless loads of laundry and well...I get ya. 

By decreasing my session fee I am decreasing your barrier to entry.  $250 is a couple of girls nights out.  It's a new dress for a co-workers wedding.  It's a few manicures and waxing appointments.  For most, it's...digestible. 

And that's it.  That is your upfront commitment.  That is it for a professional licensed hair and makeup artist to attend to you.  A pre-consultation styling appointment AND a 3 hour photoshoot on location with Bella Villa Antiques, at home in Ligonier, PA or in the commercial studio in the heart of Fairfax, VA.  There is NEVER a minimum purchase with JLA Photos.  After your shoot you could walk away and never pay another cent.  BUT...if I do my job well - like many - you will leave with an experience many dream of and a folio box of images and digitals that capture you in a way you didn't believe was possible anymore.  You'll leave with a gift not only to a significant other, but more importantly, to yourself.  I've been told time and again that these sessions are life changing.   Are you ready to turn the corner with me? 

Makeup & Photoshoot: $250      -----    Packages start at $950     -----     All packages include prints & digitals