American Honey Photography

American Honey Photography


Jenn Alcantara

  • i love water
  • i love to cook (not clean)
  • i need yoga like a fish needs water ~ (i get all flip floppy without it)
  • i love thunderstorms and dream of living in a home with a tin roof
  • i enjoy sewing for my girls (but i love watching them giggle more, so i don’t get much sewing done these days)
  • i try to give all handmade presents
  • i think anything done outdoors is better

So let's see, I'm a native Pittsburgh gal (go Steelers!), I graduated from Miami University (Oxford, OH a few years before 'Big Ben') and after a summer in Europe, I moved to D.C.  I had NO idea what i was going to do with myself (or how I'd pay the rent) but luck and hard work landed me a fabulous job with a project of the World Bank.  Through working with the The Economics Education and Research Consortium, I traveled places I never dreamed of: throughout Russia & Ukraine!  About a year into my 'DC Experience' I met a wonderful man at a G. Love & Special Sauce concert and years later he became my hunny for life.  Later, while consulting with IBM, our first lil girl was welcomed into this world.  Then 3 years later, we got another little girl!  Over the years I worked in consulting as a quantitative research analyst, cost benefit analyst and in survey research* for various government agencies: most often the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In my 'off time' I was an extreme photography hobbyist.   And over time, that college minor became a major obsession.  Approximately five years ago I took the plunge into photography as a full time venture and there is no looking back! 

These days you will often find me in the studio (yoga or photo), running around parks with my littles or salivating in antique shops.


*they all have mathematical programming in common in case you were wondering